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Dougie Richardson dougierichardson at
Sun Aug 23 16:05:49 UTC 2009

Hi all,

2009/8/23 Matthew East <mdke at>:
> We've talked about documentation hug days in the past and I think this
> is a good chance for us to put that into practice with either physical
> or virtual documentation jams. I've drafted a page in the Jam
> documentation section of the wiki which is based on the structure of
> the other pages - feel free to improve on it or suggest amendments
> here.

I wish you all the best of luck with this initiative as I think it
could work (otherwise I wouldn't have tried to get Doc days up and

Unfortunately I don't think there is any reason contributers will be
less apathetic than they were for organising Doc days, so for that
reason I wont be getting involved at all.


Dougie Richardson
dougierichardson at

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