[docbook] Best wiki engines or tools for wiki-to-docbook conversions?

Dougie Richardson dougierichardson at ubuntu.com
Thu Apr 30 20:07:48 UTC 2009

Hi David,

2009/4/30 David Cramer <dcramer at motive.com>:
> MoinMoin has a "Render as DocBook" feature that works well in recent version
> of MoinMoin (in older versions it didn't produce good DocBook). Go to
> http://moinmo.in/ and click More Actions->Render as DocBook. In our wiki
> we've added "Render as PDF" and "Render as HTML" items that let you run the
> DocBook through our xslts and send back a pdf or zipped html version of the
> page. MoinMoin does not have section editing, but you can approximate it by
> combining pages into a wrapper pages using the <<include()>> macro.
> David

Thanks for bringing that to our attention, its certainly a good start
- do you know if the stylesheets and transformations are freely
available and where from.

It produces a good output but needs tweaking for our needs - not least
because it doesn't break after and tags so is very hard to read on one
line. This isn't too hard to get round though.


Dougie Richardson
dougierichardson at ubuntu.com

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