[docbook] Best wiki engines or tools for wiki-to-docbook conversions?

David Cramer dcramer at motive.com
Thu Apr 30 19:02:58 UTC 2009

MoinMoin has a "Render as DocBook" feature that works well in recent
version of MoinMoin (in older versions it didn't produce good DocBook).
Go to http://moinmo.in/ and click More Actions->Render as DocBook. In
our wiki we've added "Render as PDF" and "Render as HTML" items that let
you run the DocBook through our xslts and send back a pdf or zipped html
version of the page. MoinMoin does not have section editing, but you can
approximate it by combining pages into a wrapper pages using the
<<include()>> macro. 


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	Hi All,
	I contribute to a Free Software project called Xfce
(http://www.xfce.org). Xfce is a lightweight graphical desktop
environment for Linux and BSD-based PC's. While the project itself is
moving along fine, the project's end-user documentation is currently a
bit out of date, and I've been talking with one of the developers about
getting it updated. 
	The project's current documentation is written in docbook, but
as part of this effort, we want to make it easier for new contributors
to write documentation without overwhelming them with the details of
docbook. The approach we have in mind right now would be to have
contributors use a wiki to compose the docs, and then output the content
to docbook.  We have tools that allow translators to translate the
docbook strings, and the original and translated docbook strings can
then be output to html.
	With that in mind, in your experience, what open-source wiki
engines (if any) provide the best output to docbook? If you can't think
of any, what tools may provide the best means of converting wiki text to
docbook?  The team currently uses dokuwiki as their wiki engine, but
they are not tied to this.  Also, if you can think of an alternate
workflow that may work better, please feel free to suggest that, too.  
	Thanks very much for your consideration,

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