Proposal: Create product for each derivative's documentation

Dougie Richardson dougierichardson at
Wed Apr 8 14:15:05 UTC 2009

You know, you could have said Cody's statement I responded to was incorrect.

There is fragmentation here and frankly when the bickering stops and
someone actually puts forward a cohesive set of arguments for each
approach perhaps I'll be more inclined to give a flying fig. Half the
team haven't even stated an opinion for goodness sakes.

There's a massive turn over in contributers, a whole load of people I
haven't from in ages, documentors fell flat on its face despite the
time we put in to it, suggestions to improve workflow, processes and
get more contributers consistantly hit a dead end.

I'm going to go and do something more constructive, like wash the car.



2009/4/8 Matthew East <matthew.east at>:
> On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 2:26 PM, Dougie Richardson
> <dougierichardson at> wrote:
>> So all bugs go into ubuntu-docs? Seperate bug tracking for seperate
>> packages would be something I would like to see, especially if we
>> rearrange things.
> That's already the way that things are done. See
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