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Sat Apr 4 13:09:17 UTC 2009

There are a lot. It might be best to read through them and pick out
the the strongest, consolidate them and get rid of the rest. Several
are idetial only spelled wrong - fesity instead of feisty for example.

2009/4/4 Connor Imes <rocket2dmn at>:
> This evening I have been going through and tagging old unsupported
> pages, and came to the realization that there are an insane number of
> MythTV pages, many of which are out of date (Edgy, Feisty, and soon to
> be Gutsy).  See TitleIndex [1].  Unfortunately, I don't see many pages
> specific to currently supported versions of Ubuntu.
> How do we want to go about cleaning these up?  I believe the initial
> plan last year was to Tag [2] pages for Unsupported then deal with them
> one at a time.  However, this will be incredibly time consuming.
> [1]
> [2]
> Thanks,
> -Connor
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