Update of the Photo Section

Stephanie Mardell stephmardell at mac.com
Tue Sep 9 22:41:03 UTC 2008


As you a new member of the documentation team I have been assigned my first documentation tas - review of the Photo Section. Before I start to make any changes I thought I would seek input from the group regarding what do we want to include in this section. I have put together a draft of what I think needs to be covered in this section and I would like your thoughts on this. Also I would like an idea of how much I should re-write or link to the original F-Spot manual.

Proposed content:

Getting started

Importing and Organising
	Launching F-Spot
	Exploring the interface
	Importing images from a camera or memory card
	Adding metadata (tags)
	Searching for images

Image editing and manipulation
	Basic editing
	Correcting tone and colour
	Enhancing your images

Printing and publishing
	Publishing to a web gallery
	Creating a slideshow
	Sending images with an email
	Creating a Photo CD
	Printing images
	Exporting to the Web


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