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Przemek Kulczycki przemekkulczycki at
Wed Nov 19 10:37:55 UTC 2008

On 11/19/08, Dougie Richardson <ddrichardson at> wrote:
>> > What task are they trying to accomplish?
>> To enter a command on the command line.  Which itself is something I
>> think new users should be led away from wherever possible.
> Why?
> This is often quoted about our documentation - Linux in general is
> quite command line oriented and configuration is mostly still text file
> based.
> I don't see why shielding new users from it is as productive as getting
> them used to it from the beginning.

I thought that Ubuntu's goal is to let users configure the system
completely in the GUI.
It doesn't mean that console will be cut off, advanced users will
still be able to use it.

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