Searching does not work anymore..

Jon me at
Mon Nov 17 18:01:31 UTC 2008


Dustin Kirkland wrote:

> We didn't see any advantage in re-inventing the wheel here.
> Like it or not, Google has become the de facto standard for searching
> on the web.  They're quite good at it.  And they've made tools
> available to customize such search engines.

I wholeheartedly agree. Implementing Google search has got to the 
easiest way to the end and Google search delivers what many end-users 
have come to believe is *the* way to provide results. Rewriting a search 
engine would be a colossal waste of resources. I can agree with 
supporting the legacy search if it exists as an alternative to those 
users who have a strong aversion to Google, though.

There are bigger fish to fry and, as you've pointed out, since 
markoresko is using a account, the privacy complaint is a 
little hard to follow.


> If you have a constructive solution in mind, I'm sure Matt is quite
> interested in hearing...

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