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Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at
Mon Nov 3 22:09:28 UTC 2008

Hi Marc,


> I cannot imagine the number of people who go to looking
> for "Community" Ubuntu Help or get there by searching for "Ubuntu Wiki"
> in
> Google or Yahoo.  Then they get to and are completely
> thrown for a loop.

I don't doubt you but is there any way we could confirm this? Can we get an
accurate metric as to how often people search for "Ubuntu Wiki" rather than,
say "Ubuntu Help" or even specific search terms such as "Setup madwifi
Ubuntu" before we make such a radical change?

> I know this is really going to ruffle some feathers, and possibly throw
> everyone up in arms, but I started thinking about this in a logical
> manner, and I believe this can be done with little work and not a lot
> of
> confusion.


If there is confusion between the functions of help and wiki, would it not
be simpler to adjust the title of the team pages to have a phrase like
"Ubuntu Team Pages"?

I'm not against what you're proposing but the system documentation has quite
a large number of links to pages in the community contributed docs that
would be broken, correct me if I'm wrong - I don't know a great deal about
Moin Moin's error handling.


Dougie Richardson

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