Introduction and request to join the mentoring programme

Barry Sharpe barrysharpe at
Thu Mar 13 20:44:08 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I come from a support based background, I  am involved in the support 
of  Netware / Linux based systems. The last five years has seen me get 
more involved in Linux, in this somewhat short time frame I have been 
somewhat of a distribution jumper. I have tried all the major 
distributions which includes Red Hat, SuSe (obviously), LFS, Slack etc. 
The last year as in 12 months plus has seen me only use Ubuntu, its not 
hard to say why, it has so far been the only distribution that has 
suffered my constant attempts to get it to play nice when I wish to 
install some obscure application. My PC at work which is Ubuntu 7.10 has 
suffered various installations and some head scratching re-installations 
of software that I use to integrate with my working environment. My 
company runs a Microsoft Exchange server, indeed they are primarily  a 
Microsoft site. I also however interact with Netware servers this 
includes Netware 3, 4, 5, and 6, I find Ubuntu a  great tool to 
integrate with these environments and very forgiving.

I would like to get involved in the documentation project but am unsure 
where to start, and hence would like to volunteer for the mentoring 
project. I initiated and developed a wiki for my company to hold support 
based information and have been involved in some other projects that 
although not documentation based, are project management based. I hope 
that I may be able donate my existing skills and any new skills learned  
in the aid of this project.



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