Member and mentoring request

Martin Pihl martin at
Sat Mar 1 10:20:58 UTC 2008

Hi all

My name is Martin Pihl, and I am from Denmark. I have been active in the 
Ubuntu community a couple of years now, and has recently thought about 
contributing in some new area. My main contribution the last two years 
have been buiding the main Danish Ubuntu site (http://ubuntudanmark) and 
the Danish webforum, which essentially is a Danish equivalent to There's a LOT of work to do on the site, but now I 
need to do something of s more international character for a while.

So I choose the Doc Team :) While helping with documentation I might 
also learn new stuff, and that's always a good thing ;) I would also 
like to join the mentoring program. The main reason for this is because 
I have all this work with the above site, so I think it would be much 
easier to get into the Documentation work fast, if I have someone to ask 
questions to more directly rather than a mailinglist with tens of mails 
each day :)

I will work with whatever that needs to be done, but thought 
proofreading and testing documentation would be a good place to start, 
isn't that correct?

I have also applied the Launchpad ubuntu-doc-students team for membership.

Hope to hear from you soon ;)

Kind regards

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