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Dougie Richardson ddrichardson at
Sun Jun 15 12:18:17 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've posted some comments on this on the specification page:

* I'm not convinced on the need for this. Troubleshooting guides are great
for situations where the user is unable to go straight to Google for the
answer (such as connectivity issues). In the sited example, I can see most
users typing that dpkg message into Google. That may well send them to the
forums, it may not. I am also not convinced that we take the forums as the
font of all knowledge because in many situations there is some well
intentioned but extremely misguided information and there is no method of
reporting such information as bugs, as there is in the system documentation.
-- ddrichardson

* Some of what is being proposed here is not troubleshooting, it is FAQ.
Faws are OK for forums with huge numbers of people who don't search the
forum before posting a common questions and in situations where there are
limited options. Defining what should and should not be in an FAQ is a
massive task that, frankly, I see little value in, especially when people
are more likely to follow a topic or search based approach to finding the
information they need. -- ddrichardson

* If troubleshooting is worth pursuing, then we should focus on one area,
specify, develop, test (and openly test amongst the target user group) and
then implement further. -- ddrichardson


Dougie Richardson

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