Wiki Cleanup

Charles Davis oldsoldier at
Mon Jun 9 23:46:30 UTC 2008

while working on the category cleanup page, Connor and I realized there
are many pages that are no longer useful and clutter the wiki. A primary
example would be the pages for Breezy.

Since Breezy is unsupported and has no upgrade path we are trying to get
a consensus on the best way to handle this situation and similar
situations. These are the options we have considered:

a) Delete pages that are for obsolete Ubuntu versions (unsupported and
with no upgrade path)

b) Redirect to a page stating that this version of Ubuntu is no longer
supported and point them to a generic page with installation
instructions or a current list of supported versions.

In the case of pages for Edgy Support we know that Edgy has no repos, so
we feel that leaving the pages that cover upgrading Edgy is appropriate.



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