Techreview report of config-desktoip.xml

Vignesh vigneshacitizenofindia at
Sat Apr 19 21:03:42 UTC 2008


I reviewed the config-desktop section (config-desktop.xml)..
The following issues are notable..
* First of all there is no definition for what a Desktop Environment is.. That should be there.. 
   " A Desktop Environment is a graphical server which renders the users the graphical user interface of any operating system. Every desktop environment has its own file manager, icons, windows and other tools. " 
  I think this definition is to be fit in there.. 

* Under "Installing KDE Desktop", there is procedure to install "kubuntu-desktop" via synaptic manager..  but there is no  procedure to do it from terminal.. it should be in there definitely..
* the same holds good for "Installing Xfce Desktop" section also..

I'm lookin for your comments b4 i start working on the patch..
I'm a free man... I use free software.... 

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