Carl Karsten carl at
Mon Oct 22 23:15:38 UTC 2007

I am not sure how 'big' of a problem this is because I have not read 100% of all 
the ubuntu doc pages.  in fact, good chance it is close to 1%.  but one thing 
that I have seen enough to be bothered: solutions that are overwhelming and 
probably scare away the typical 'happy user.'

In general, I am annoyed anytime a solution involves "run this simple command" 
because there is a huge population of users that do not find anything in a shell 
"simple."  I am not in that population, but I know people who are, and so if the 
solution can be done using Ubuntu's GUI, I am extra annoyed on behalf of them.

However, sometimes there is a place for both the simple gui and the command line 
solutions when there are various solutions that give various levels of results.

For instance:  When Sharon 
asked "what would it take for me to run WoW on Linux?" I went in search of what 
it would take.  My initial thoughts were "more trouble that you are going to 
want to deal with' until I bothered to just fumble though it.  turns out 
"install wine, install wow" is about it.  I can see why people would want to do 
quite a bit more, but I would like to see the "easy way" somehow segregated so 
that happy users don't initially get exposed to the "run this simple command" way.

Sooo..... anyone have any good ideas on how to address this?

Carl K

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