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Tue Oct 23 00:22:59 UTC 2007

> I am not sure how 'big' of a problem this is because I have not read 100%
> of all
> the ubuntu doc pages.  in fact, good chance it is close to 1%.  but one
> thing
> that I have seen enough to be bothered: solutions that are overwhelming
> and
> probably scare away the typical 'happy user.'
> In general, I am annoyed anytime a solution involves "run this simple
> command"
> because there is a huge population of users that do not find anything in a
> shell
> "simple."  I am not in that population, but I know people who are, and so
> if the
> solution can be done using Ubuntu's GUI, I am extra annoyed on behalf of
> them.
> However, sometimes there is a place for both the simple gui and the
> command line
> solutions when there are various solutions that give various levels of
> results.
> For instance:  When
> Sharon
> asked "what would it take for me to run WoW on Linux?" I went in search of
> what
> it would take.  My initial thoughts were "more trouble that you are going
> to
> want to deal with' until I bothered to just fumble though it.  turns out
> "install wine, install wow" is about it.  I can see why people would want
> to do
> quite a bit more, but I would like to see the "easy way" somehow
> segregated so
> that happy users don't initially get exposed to the "run this simple
> command" way.
> Sooo..... anyone have any good ideas on how to address this?
> Carl K
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I would echo the hpe that we can eliminate the "run this simple command"
from our documents.  might be a good task for some people who are looking
fo a job
Jonathan Jesse

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