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Billy Cina billy.cina at canonical.com
Mon Oct 15 09:53:46 UTC 2007

Hi Jonathan,
> Billy,
> First of all as a member of the doc team I'm disappointed in Chapter 10 not to 
> see a reference to the offline system documentation that we have worked so 
> hard to keep fresh and current and translated.  Is there reasoning behind not 
> introducing the topic based help system which we have worked hard on?  I feel 
> offline system documentation should be the first thing a person should look 
> to.  While in fact we all know the first place a person goes is to Google 
> instead of a wiki, IRC channel or even help.ubuntu.com, not referencing it is 
> a serious diservice to the entire team.
Thanks for pointing this out. As Alan replied, this is a WIP documents and sending the material out for review enables us to pick up on these things. This was indeed an oversight and we can insert and make reference to the offline documentation.

Looking forward to reading your branch too :)


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