Two recommendations for Ubuntu docs

Tristan RHODES tristanrhodes at
Tue May 29 17:20:06 UTC 2007

1. Always display the top-level topics in the left-side of the screen

I like the front page, it has some easy to understand topics. But once I
drill down into one of them, I get a whole new view and different topics
on the left.  Where are the original topics?

I would like the original topics to always be visible on the left side
of the screen.  It might look something like this:

+ New to Ubuntu? 
+ Adding and Removing Software
+ Files, Folders and Documents
+ Customising Your Desktop
>>> + 1. Connecting to the Internet
>>> - 2. Configuring a network
>>>>>>>> + 2.1. Browse Network Computers
>>>>>>>> + 2.2. Change the Computer Name
>>>>>>>> + 2.3. Install a firewall
>>>>>>>> + 2.4. Monitor network traffic
>>>>>>>> + 2.5. Analyze network traffic
>>> + 3. Web browsing
>>> + 4. Get plugins for your web browser
>>> + 5. Send and receive emails
>>> + 6. Instant Messaging
>>> + 7. Other Internet applications
>>> + 8. Design web pages
+ Music, Videos and Photos
+ Keeping Your Computer Safe
+ Printing, Faxing and Scanning
+ Advanced Topics

Novell's documentation website uses this format:

2. Make the "Next" and "Previous" button larger and more obvious

Currently this is simply the name of the next page, which is probably
not obvious to new users. The only visual cue is the teeny-tiny arrow.
I recommend using the words "Next" and "Previous", but at least include
a more prominent arrow.

Thanks for listening to my ideas!

Tristan Rhodes

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