migration of ubuntu-docs to bzr?

Rich Johnson nixternal at ubuntu.com
Mon May 28 01:54:51 UTC 2007

On Sunday 27 May 2007, Jonathan Jesse wrote:
| I think this converstation comes up every new release, but what is the
| team's thoughts about moving to bzr and away from subversion.

I am all for it. Granted SVN just works for us and has worked, but I think 
that it would be good to do what the rest of the community is doing, i.e., 
play along, and switch to bzr while this cycle is still young.

| Some benifits I see to using bzr and launchpad:
| 1.  Commit access is controlled by only allowing members of the team to
| upload to launchpad by setting the team as the owner of the branch.

This also takes away Canonical responsibility for a community based team (RT).

| 2.  Notifications of changes to documentation can still happen by having
| people subscribed or subscribing the team and there can be different levels
| of subscription.
| 3.  One can browse the code and the changes in an easy to use way.  See
| earlier link to Keep documentation.  I think this was an earlier problem
| with migrating to bzr from subversion.

I also like the fact you can see/read the changelogs for each commit as well. 
We could do this with SVN if we used WebSVN of course.

| 4.  No longer relying on RT for changes to passwords, etc...  I know the
| times that I've lost my password it has taken quite awhile to get a new
| password created with much hassle of the admins who deal with RT.  Now the
| person just needs to have an .ssh key uploaded to launchpad and be part of
| the team that can commit to the bzr branch.

This definitely makes it easier on the team admins for one, and like I stated 
previously, takes the commit control out of Canonical's hands and puts it 
back into the communities.

I have been working with various other projects that are use BZR and I must 
say I enjoy it. Another great benefit is when the server is experiencing 
issues we don't have to try and locate an admin, email RT, or wait for that 
matter. There is always someone online who works with the BZR group to take 
care of any issues which may arise a little quicker I believe. Right now we 
are experiencing that horrible commit lag with SVN again, and the only person 
I know to go to is Matt East, who unlike me has a life :)  If we were using 
BZR there are plenty of people I could go to right now on IRC to help get the 
issue resolved. Plus there is a guy who lives down the road from me who is 
now a BZR dev/admin, so I could always ring his doorbell if worse comes to 

Maybe it is time we switch to something new. I know there will be some work 
needed in order to so. Another thing we could do with this is if ever needed, 
split the projects up (i.e., kubuntu-docs, xubuntu-docs, and edubuntu-docs) 
for separation if ever needed. Like Jonathan said there are plenty of reasons 
to think about. What does everyone else think?

Rich Johnson
nixternal at ubuntu.com
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