Desktop Ubuntu 7.04 Guide

Rafael Proença cypherbios at
Mon May 21 14:13:20 UTC 2007

The documentation of Ubuntu can be checked here

And as I know you are Brazilian, so if you want to, here are the Brazilian
Portuguese Documentation, with links to download the PDF version, as well
the online version of the official and community contributed docs:

If you have any question about the pt_BR doc, please let me know.


Rafael Proença
Interessado em aprender mais sobre o Ubuntu em português?

On 5/20/07, RAlves <raulalv at> wrote:
>  I would like get by download the Desktop Ubuntu Guide for
> Ubuntu 7.04, please inform to do it.
> I just receive from Canonical Ltd the CD for Installation.
> Thanks for your attention
> Raul Alves raulalv at
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