wiki: Ubucon et. al

Neal McBurnett neal at
Mon May 21 05:21:20 UTC 2007

The Colorado LoCo is planning
and in the process of documenting it, I've tried to also make
a bit more sense of the tangle of ubucon-related pages.

E.g. I've put up

with a list of the ubucons I'm aware of.  This page used to redirect
to the sevilla ubucon, and you can still get there from it.
I also changed the redirects for UbuCon (with a capital "C") and
TheUbucon to point to Ubucon.  I'll note that it seems odd to have
the word "The" in reference to a type of conference that happens
a lot.  Perhaps the fact that TheUbucon is CamelCase helped its

And I wrote up the missing but referenced page

and have categorized a number of older conferences as

I welcome feedback, etc.


Neal McBurnett       

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