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Will van der Leij will at
Fri May 11 09:19:53 UTC 2007

>> After consulting mdke, I changed the front page this
>> morning [1]. Please review the change and let me know what you think;
>> hopefully, this will make the wiki a bit less confusing.
>> Also, I'd like to try and change the style of the wiki to make it easier
>> to read. I was thinking that this could be done by reducing the font
>> size slightly and placing text into a narrower column in the centre of
>> the screen. Take a look at Apple's support pages to see how this looks
>> [2].
Must agree, things are definitely more intuitive now. Thanks for all the

If I may suggest something though, the wiki sections on participation
don't really document much on the use of LAunchpad, especially with
regards to things like filing (usability) bugs against the correct
website team or product (for example). I tried doing something like this
for the Edubuntu wiki but it still requires a bit of work.

Any thoughts on this?

Will van der Leij
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