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> > Hi all,
> >      I may have misunderstood the link "[:PageName:page name]" Is
> > this how it should appear
> >
> > or no?
> > When I look both at the heading as well as the hyperlink at the URI
> > address it looks bad. Please lemme know the correct way of writing
> > it. Cheers!
> That format is for making links to pages not naming pages. In the
> example "[:PageName:page name]" Pages should still be called something
> like PageName (e.g. FsckHowto) but then when linking to them from other
> pages you use the construct to get proper text links rather than
> PageName (e.g. [:FsckHowto:fsck howto] will create a link to the page
> FsckHowto with the link text "fsck howto").
> Note you can use this construct to give any arbitrary text for the link
> to show up as, there is no need for it to be related to the page name
> you are linking to.
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Hi all,
       Damn, now can somebody edit the wiki link please it so it doesn't
look so bad & also put the [:FsckHowto:fsck howto] where it is required. The
reason I'm asking is as I'm simply new to this way of doing things. What I
am doing is usually looking at some documentation prepared by somebody, try
to see what they did & then update the wiki as I can. Thanx for your
guidance Robert :)
          Shirish Agarwal
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