Introduction and project proposal Ubuntu Desktop quickstart guide

Jan van de Voort janvandevoort at
Mon Mar 12 19:22:36 UTC 2007

Hello Phil,

Yes this covers the idea (it's also about moving from Windows to
Ubuntu); the difference would be in the way ofpresentation and in the
conciseness of the information presented:

- one file downloadable and printable as PDF, allowing the user to have
the information right beside him or her as a kind of booklet, follow the
instructions in the (PDF) booklet and have a working Ubuntu at the end
of the instructions.
- less detailed information, since it would be a Quickstart Guide.

This way, during installation and testing phase, the user would not have
to switch over and over again from his or her"working Windows
PC" (having to get on the Internet to the Ubuntu doc online while doing
the Ubuntu  installation tests, looking up hardware compatibility info,

Best regards,


Op zondag 11-03-2007 om 10:36 uur [tijdzone +0000], schreef Phil Bull:
> Hi Jan,
> On Sun, 2007-03-11 at 08:39 +0100, Jan van de Voort wrote:
> [...]
> > Would it maybe be a good idea to make a Quickstart Ubuntu Desktop
> > installation and First Usage guide (translated in as many languages as
> > possible, not only in English), in PDF format (downloadable) or in
> > Paperback published format, about 60 pages. The focus would be on:
> > 
> > -  quick installation of Ubuntu Desktop with all information necessary
> > to install Ubuntu Desktop
> > - updating / upgrading
> > - printing basics
> > - install extra components (flasplayer, java, wine, etc.)
> > - windows compatibility basics
> > - all information relevant to first use.
> Have you seen the Switching from Windows guide[1]? I think it covers
> most of those points, and the new topic-based help system should
> hopefully take care of the rest. With any luck, the switching guide will
> be included with the desktop install CD too, though I'm not sure how
> that's progressing.
> Was this the sort of thing you were thinking of?
> Thanks,
> Phil
> [1] -

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