Debugging* pages

Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Tue Mar 6 14:42:49 UTC 2007


I'm currently restructuring the debugging pages to make them more useful 
for bug triagers.

There are currently 20-25 of these in the ubuntu wiki and 10 on I think it would be better to have them all in one 
location so it will be obvious where to look for it and which page is 
current. There are ATM some pages on both sites with the same name.

The pages on help.u.c generally seem more complete. Is this because they 
have been further developed there, because the most complete ones were 
moved across, or because the less complete ones were started after the move?

As part of the restructuring I'm making an index page that will tie page 
names in with package names and show the status of each page in terms of 
completeness and up-to-dateness: I'm also using a common 
template for the individual pages:

I guess the question is: should these pages be targeted at end-users or 
community debuggers and is it possible to makes pages that work for both?


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