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Mon Jul 23 22:07:53 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

On Mon, 2007-07-23 at 13:14 -0500, Richard A. Johnson wrote:
> |  * When should we start, if at all?
> ASAP. We are running out of time, well we still have close to 2 months I 
> think.

I agree. How does Thursday, Friday or Saturday of this week sound to
everyone? It doesn't give us much time, but it should be enough to get
everything ready.

> |  * Can anyone think of a catchier name than 'Documentation Team
> | Mentoring Programme'?
> DocuMENTORS :)

DocuMENTORS it is!

> |  * Are there any obvious flaws in the plan?
> None that I can think of. MOTU runs a decent mentoring program, maybe we can 
> incorporate some of their ideas. However, they mentor big time with reception 
> desks and all kinds of crazy stuff :)

Jordan mentioned setting up a meeting on IRC. When would people be able
to attend?

Also, I've added the names of people who've expressed an interest so far
to the wiki page [1]. Please adjust contact details as necessary (there
are only names and/or links to Launchpad user pages at the moment).



[1] -

Phil Bull

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