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Phil Bull philbull at
Fri Jul 20 09:13:00 UTC 2007

Hi Matt,

On Fri, 2007-07-20 at 08:33 +0100, Matthew East wrote:
> Yes, I think it would be a good idea. Let's brainstorm about some other
> ways to attract contributors too.
> So:
> * Mentoring;

I've created a 'Mentoring' page on the wiki [1]. The MOTUs have what
looks like quite a developed mentoring program [2], so maybe we should
shamelessly copy some of their ideas? I'd like to try and get this set
up as soon as possible, so that people will have time to contribute for
this release cycle.

> * Updating our wiki pages;

What needs to be done? I was thinking of improving the DocBook reference
if I have time.

> * Blogging with calls for contribution;
> * Adding a prominent "contribute" link to the website;
> * Encouraging people writing documentation on their blogs to get
> involved in the project;

These all sort of fall under 'marketing'. I'm happy to write a blog post
to try and get people to contribute, but I'm not sure if anyone actually
reads my blog... Could we put an article on the Fridge or in UWN



[1] -
[2] -

Phil Bull

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