License of the Ubuntu Book?

Simon Ruggier simon80 at
Mon Jul 2 07:44:58 UTC 2007

On 7/2/07, adam hyde <adam at> wrote:
> CC licenses, as I understand them, are _some_ rights reserved. The book
> states its the Attribution Share-alike license ("by-sa"), which is a
> 'some rights reserved' wrapper around copyright (discarding the
> non-premissive 'all rights reserved' which is the default for
> copyright).
> Why then does the copyright statement also state the material is 'all
> rights reserved'?

It's clear from the paragraph that the CC license has precedence, so
in my opinion, this is a minor detail and it isn't necessary to worry
about it.  This wouldn't be the first time in the past month that I've
seen "All Rights Reserved" sitting next to a statement of licensing
terms, either.

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