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Mon Apr 30 09:04:05 UTC 2007


ma, 2007-04-30 kello 07:47 +0100, Matthew East kirjoitti:

> The current policy is that translated documentation does not appear on
> the documentation wiki, but rather local teams are encouraged to start
> their own localised websites. I think that for the time being this is
> probably the best way to go, given that the main website
> ( isn't localised either.
> (The French pages which you mention on your blog aren't in fact Ubuntu
> pages at all, but rather are translations of the internal documentation
> for MoinMoin, which we can remove).

In my experience too when you search the wiki you often get results in a
large variety of languages. For example searching for "restricted
formats" currently gives you fourteen results - six of them in English
and eight in other languages (one of the English results being relevant
to the most).

This may well be changing better with the current policy you mentioned.

> > Would it
> > be possible to stop PageTitlesLookingLikeThis too?
> It's certainly possible, although personally I don't think it's a
> significant issue.

I think this thing is very different in the eyes ordinary people and
people who are used to write HTML, XML and who perhaps code, etc. In the
eyes of ordinary people there's something contradicting in the sentence
"UbuntuIsEasyToUse". People don't meet this kind of writing style
elsewere (except in some funny writings). Not many of us would like to
see menu items in the desktop panel written like "SearchForFiles",
"RecentDocuments", "RestrictedDriversManager", etc. Why write like this
in the documentation (if it can be avoided)?

Ari Torhamo

P.S. I constantly get nice suprises when I use the documentation and see
the improvements - thanks everyone :-)

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