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Rich Johnson nixternal at
Tue Apr 10 01:56:54 UTC 2007

On Monday 09 April 2007, Matt A wrote:
| Hello
| I am semi visually impaired and i don't read long things like books so
| well. So when I needed to read the Ubuntu Packaging guide I search google
| to see if i could find an mp3 version of that guide when that failed I made
| one using festival text2wave and lame. I was wondering has anyone ever done
| that before. If so I would like to help him/her/them. If not can anyone can
| anyone give me advice on how best to go about sharing my work.
| Matt A


Awesome! I think that is a wonderful idea and truthfully I believe you are the 
first I have heard about that has done something like this. I think it would 
be great if we could somehow implement this with our main documentation site, 
but of course that would be up to the maintainers, which I am hoping respond 
to this.

If this goes through, I see you being very busy, as we will want all docs done 
like this ;)  Anyways, if it does go through, that would make Ubuntu a 
definite champ when it comes to accessibility as I do not know of any other 
distros that do something like this.

Matt? Jordan? Corey?

Rich Johnson
nixternal at
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