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Corey Burger corey.burger at
Sat Sep 9 04:11:30 UTC 2006

Hey Sunita,

This is actually the Ubuntu Documentation list. However, I will give
you quick reponses to a few things, but if you want to discuss
further, we can take it off list.

On 8/19/06, sunita mishra <sunitaiitm at> wrote:
> Best wishes Ubuntu team.
> Ubuntu is great; I am using it for last one year or more.
> Last January I got breezy pressed CD from a friend and installed it
> replacing hoary. Breezy installation went without any problem. Performance
> was also very good. Except, xpdf window goes below the bottom panel each
> time it is started and scilab was not working.
> In July the same friend gave me Dapper live Cd (pressed). I tried. During
> installation I ran into problems:
> 1. Grub automatically writes to MBR. It should give choice as Breezy. I
> prefer GAG in a dual booting environment.

This is a request I hear about once a month, but I don't think there
are enough users who actually care to put developer time into this.
That being said, I am certain sane patches would be accepted.

> 2. It does not ask for choices of making which partition to have bootable
> flag on (or off).
> A requirement:
> 3. It should ask for a proxy and if necessary, a password for the proxy.
> Then it should automatically configure the apt (with adding the necessary
> ACQUIRE line), and wgetrc both for http and ftp, putting proxy on.
> After installation I ran into real problems. The network would not work. In
> Breezy I had no problem, but Dapper is having the network problems. It is
> getting an inet address from the proxy, but there are errors while receiving
> and sending data. The errors increase (TX and RX errors). Why does it happen
> with Dapper and not in Breezy? The change in Dapper is obviously unwelcome.
> This is very bad, because Linux is for network. If sound does not work,
> managable, we can troubleshoot, but no compromise on networking. It simply
> defeats the linux philosophy. The same problem persists in xubuntu, kubuntu.
> I could not check the xpdf and scilab problems in Dapper.
> A suggestion: Probably, the ubuntu team is feeling the pressure of time; six
> months is not a good practice. Fedora core uses six months for releasing
> another update. But it is not a good practice. A user (not an OS tester) may
> not like to change to another OS in six months time. It would be better to
> have one year gap. By 10 months a new release may come for testing, and then
> by the end of a year, a comapratively problem free version may be shipped.
> Thanks

Ubuntu uses 6 months to ship with the latest GNOME. This is not going to change.


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