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Matthew Paul Thomas mpt at
Mon Sep 4 11:52:35 UTC 2006

On Sep 2, 2006, at 4:18 AM, Matthew Nuzum wrote:
> ...
> We have the ambitious plan to re-organize, optimize and freshen-up the
> website. This is not so much going to be about changing
> the way the website looks, but about making the website work better at
> its job of helping people find the information they need. What makes
> this ambitious is that we desire to complete this by the end of 
> September.
> ...
> Of course, relevant discussion should certainly take place in this
> mailing list, but once a matter is hashed out, please post it to the 
> bug tracker.
> ...

I just posted a few bugs, but I think the most important issue is 
getting the categorization issue sorted out, and finding a consistent 
way to present primary and secondary categories. For example, which 
page exactly is the top level of "Community", and does the Fridge look 
like a child page of that category index?

Possible top-level categories:
*   "News" (features, press releases)
*   "About" (what is Ubuntu, versions, etc)
*   "Get Ubuntu" (download, Amazon, ShipIt)
*   "Development" (wiki, /developers)
*   "Partners" (though I don't understand what this section is for)
*   "Help & Support" (, community support, paid support).

Matthew Paul Thomas

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