Andreas Lloyd lloydinho at
Sat Oct 28 11:01:02 UTC 2006

Hi Matthew!

Matthew Copple wrote:
> If you have something that needs to be worked on, I'll be happy to tackle it. 
> Should I just pick something interesting from the svn repo and start writing 
> on it, or are there specific priorities that an experienced Linux user, but 
> rather new Linux technical writer, might get started on?

Great! If you've been reading this list for a while, you may have seen
that we're currently figuring out how to update the documentation for
the Feisty cycle [if not have a look at the beginning of this thread:].

Centrally stands our need to redesign and rewrite the Desktop guides to
a topic-based format which will require a lot of work and you're most
welcome to participate in that. You can read more about this idea here:

We will be discussing this at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in the
beginning of November, and hopefully end up with a plan for how to
organize this rewrite including the integration of material from the
Official Ubuntu book and from the various how-to's on the Ubuntu forums.

The best you can do for now, I think, is to read through the Desktop
guides and think about how to best change the structure. If you're keen
on it, you can participate in the Summit discussion via. VOIP once the
scheduling is announced.

So to sum up, we're sort of in a hold position at the moment, trying to
figure out the best approach on this. Please feel free to add any
thoughts you have on the matter.

Oh, and welcome to the team! :-)



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