proposed spin-off of wiki team

Duncan Lithgow duncan at
Thu Mar 23 13:54:44 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 07:47 -0500, Jonathan Jesse wrote: 
> As stated in an earlier post to the list, I think it is time for the wiki team 
> to be some how spun off into its own group.  The wiki is not getting the 
> focus it needs and maybe it is time for a gruop of peple who head up the wiki 
> team to start having regular wiki meetings and move forward with increasing 
> activity there.
> It could perhas be a subpart of the doc group but it needs to be advertised 
> more, maybe having a ubuntu-wiki mailing group and have group meetings in 
> #ubuntu-meeting
I agree completely, but I think a discussion about this is best after
dapper docs are finalised. There are two reasons for this, first that
more people will be aware of what is happening in the discussions around
setting up a new group. Secondly, and this discussion could start now, I
think ubuntu-docs need to decide on the best way for the work people put
into docs on wiki can feed into the official docs. If anyone else thinks
that is worth talking about start a new thread and I'll be sure to say
what I think there.


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