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Naaman Campbell naamanc2 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 08:21:11 UTC 2006

On 3/22/06, Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> The "Remember last page" feature can be turned off. Sadly the
> alternative is that it takes you to the UserPreferences page after you
> log in, which is hardly particularly useful. We may be able to change
> this to the Front page, I'll have a poke around.
> M

I think a change to the current setup is unnecessary.  A section in
one of the help documents should point out the turning off of the
"remember last page" option.

With regard to the WikiIndex proposal, I do not see a need for it as
the FrontPage already does a good enough job of directing people where
to go.  I would suggest developing a FrontPageDraft page instead with
your suggested changes as a sandbox instead.  Perhaps having a
separate title for the Help docs would be a better way of showing
users where to get help.

On another note, the FrontPage may not be relevant in the near future
as there has been word of the documentation side of the Wiki being
moved to a separate Wiki (help.ubuntu.com).

The need for a cleanup of the help pages is mentioned in the
WikiCleanupProposal - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WikiCleanupProposal -
and the help pages that you (Duncan) feel need improvement could be
listed under the WikiCleanupProposal section on the WikiToDo page.


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