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Jeff Schering jeffschering at
Sun Mar 19 03:27:28 UTC 2006


I have been experimenting with the status reports. In addition to the
removal of sect2 to sect5 tags from the report, we can also add some
comments to the output. This may or not be useful; if it is, we can
keep it, if not, then nuke it. The comments would be anything the
author wants to say about the current status of the chapter or
section. The comments are added to the xml file using <chapterinfo>
and <sect1info> tags.

The <chapterinfo> and <sect1info> tags are useful because they do not
appear in normal html and pdf output; they are suppressed by the
docbook xsl. That means we can use them in the status reports without
worrying about how they would look in a published doc.

Below are two examples that I did in common-tasks.xml from the
desktopguide. The first one has no text between the <para></para> tags
and therefore no effect on the status output. It's just there as a
placeholder for future use. The second gives some info to reviewers
about what's happening in the music section. It tells them that even
though the entire music section is marked for review, only Burning CDs
needs review.

<chapter id="common-tasks-chap" status="writing">

		<sect1 id="music" status="review">
					<para>The Burning CDs section needs review</para>

I have tested it somewhat. It validates with ./, neither
the <chapterinfo> nor <sect1info> tags show up in html and pdf output,
and the status table looks ok.

To test it on your own machine, just type "make status" where you
normally do "make dg".

I am going to commit these changes to the repos for everyone to look
at, study, and test.

It's possible to get more sophisticated by adding a tree structure,
colours, etc etc but that would be more work than I have time for
right now.


Jeff Schering
GPG: F23C67E8

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