Proposed schedule change

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Wed Mar 15 23:40:19 UTC 2006

>> I think 2
>> weeks would be great that puts us at April 6?
> It would yes but I'm finding it difficult to see whether we actually
> need it or not. The only documents that seem to need it are the
> Packaging Guide, (possibly) Server Guide for reviewing and (possibly)
> Release Notes.
> We could do a staggered freeze for these, but I'm not sure I like that
> idea. How about 1 extra week to polish off the review on Release  
> Notes,
> the Server Guide and Desktop Guides, with extra leave for Jordan to  
> work
> past the freeze on the Packaging Guide (I'm not so fussed about
> translation starting ASAP for the packaging guide).
> Anyone else have any more views on this?

I just talked to Keybuk. The push has been approved and https:// has the new schedule  
approved by the TB. This means the UI Freeze is now on April 20th and  
the DocStringFreeze is on May 4th.
Are we OK with that? I told Keybuk that we were thinking of a much  
sooner Freeze (to allow more time for translation, etc.) but he  
didn't think it would be necessary. He asked why it would  take  
longer for translation for Dapper than Breezy. Since I wasn't around  
the doc team for Breezy I couldn't give a good answer.

-Jordan Mantha

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