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Fri Jun 23 20:59:38 UTC 2006

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* Bhuvaneswaran:
> But, after going through mdke's proposal for integrating upstream
> documents with current documents and changing the face of help system,
> i strongly believe the content of this manual (if we create one) would
> be comprised in one or more of the documents we would place in a new
> help system. So, i am personally inclined towards mdke's proposal than
> mine.
> Any comments ?
> Do you have any idea about the starting point to categorize the
> documents and create the ground work to implement mdke's proposal ?

I realised that we can't have a very good discussion about this without
seeing what the idea is from a concrete point of view, so I started
drumming up some kind of a mockup about my proposal.

I've uploaded it to trunk/ubuntu/index-test/C

Have a look at it in yelp and see what you think. I've included some
comments in index.xml about what I envisage would make up the content of
each section.

As a reminder, the idea is drafted out here:

Taking the decision to go in this direction would be quite a big
decision so we should discuss it and think about it carefully.

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