archis launchpad.roncero at
Tue Jun 20 21:18:55 UTC 2006

I've had a go at the RestrictedFormats page

I've basically shuffled things around a bit but didn't change anything 
of subtance(*). 

In response to a recent post on ubuntu.devel, I've added a short command 
line 'cheat sheet' near the top of the page - 'How to Make Things Work in 
a Hurry' ;-) 

So the complexity and relative length is still there but we're also offering
three (!) different routes to approach restricted formats: a quick-n-dirty 
'cheat sheet', a detailed section, and links to EasyUbuntu & Automatix as well.



* I've moved the RealPlayer10 install section to the
 "RealPlayerInstallationMethods" page (where it joins 
a few other 'installation methods'): 

I suggest RealPlayer should have its own page for install 
& setup (again), like the other media players. 

Perhaps we  could just rename RealPlayerInstallationMethods to RealPlayer.

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