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skora keyshawn632 at
Sun Jun 18 15:40:27 UTC 2006


I was browsing the ubuntu site and on the page the "Ready to Try ?" header), there
is a link to the (which the link title is 'download the ubuntu

I think this is a bit confusing for inexperienced users (a friend whom I
persuaded to download ubuntu had this problem) and they were a bit confused
of which one (desktop or server) is actually the LiveCD that will not harm
their computer. This explanations of the differences between the desktop and
server is located on the actual mirrors although some mirrors, for example , do not have this explanation
on their page. I'd suggest that this explaination could be located on the page so people can read which version is best
for them, and then take them to the download page.

I submitted my questions here because I unsure of where one can submit
questions and comments about the actual ubuntu website.
I asked this in the ubuntu-doc IRC channel and was suggested to bring this
up here.

Will Skora.
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