Wiki Cleanup Proposal

Naaman Campbell naamanc2 at
Mon Feb 20 12:25:15 UTC 2006

On 2/20/06, GrAnT GaLbRaiTh <manicka at> wrote:
> On 2/20/06, Matthew East <mdke at> wrote:
> >
> > Yes, I agree. I think this can be avoided by simply adopting the current
> > structure of UserDocumentation. This will save time and ensure that the
> > proposal can be implemented quickly.

I think we can be in agreeance that the current UserDoc structure will
be used as a temporary measure until the UserDocBeta sub-indexes are
created.  As an intermediary solution is needed, I have begun work on

UserDocDraft is a hybrid and I believe I can knock it over in a few
hours.  I have edited up to and including the Multimedia & Graphics
section - please discuss UserDocDraft before I continue with it..  The
MultimediaMisc page is the key of the intermediary overhaul.

>  Part of the idea behind this proposal is an acknowledgement that the
> current structure is not an effective one. Slimming it down doesn't solve
> that problem, it just makes something that's ineffective, less ineffective,
> but none the less ineffective.

I think the case is just not for slimming it down, it is for making it
more precise and concise.  They are the two keys to good writing, in
general.  The less superfluous pages we have on the Wiki, the better. 
Like I had noted in an email to Brian, I have deleted the unnecessary
RelatedPages pages because they are clutter on the Wiki.  Keep it mean
and lean.


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