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Matthew East mdke at
Wed Feb 15 18:43:23 UTC 2006

Jeff Schering <jeffschering <at>> writes:

> On 2/14/06, Matthew East <mdke <at>> wrote:
> <snip>
> > Actually I think we should look carefully at this. While procedure tags may
> > technically be the correct tag to apply, I think the output will be totally
> > rubbish.

> The <title> is optional and can be left out. Without the <title>, yelp
> displays the procedures similar to orderedlist.

Ok, thanks for this. From what Brian says, the output with a default yelp
doesn't display the "procedure X" phrase anyhow.

> The lists in question are procedures, and they need the descriptive
> markup tag <procedure>. If we don't like the way yelp presents
> procedures, then we need to modify yelp's xslt.

ok, so fortunately that won't be necessary, but I don't think we could justify
patching yelp for Ubuntu on those grounds. Anyhow, no problem.

Another concern is the effort required to do this convertion process. It's not
just a simple find&replace job, afaics. Is the output really significantly
better than the orderedlists or the itemizedlists? Personally, I still prefer
the bullet points, because the numbers look a bit confusing when mixed with
section numbering. And most of the procedures we describe do not involve
considerably more than 2 steps or so.

I think it will pay here to focus on what output benefits we gain, rather than
the technical principle of which tag is "correct" in the docbook world. At least
given that we don't have that much time left before string freeze, and we do
have plenty of work to do on the content.

What are other people's views?


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