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Wed Feb 1 06:57:36 UTC 2006

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We've a number of pages in category cleanup which are about init scripts
along with howtos on how to edit them: - deals on stopping services with BUM - Talks about init scripts and
manually disabling them - Lists what each init scripts do
and whether or not you need it. Then goes through an introduction to
init scripts and their naming conventions - A proposal for
renaming packages which include an init script to have better descriptions - A sysvconfighowto

I'm proposing to do the following, this'll give us room to expand pages
to talk about shutdown scripts (if that's neccessary) and expansions
generally. I'd like some feedback as to whether or not this is a good
idea, and whether I plan to go about it the right way, first.

Rename BootServices to BUMHowto and expand it.
Move the descriptions from InitScriptHumanDescriptions into the
Make a new page (ManualServicesHowto?) which takes the
creating/disabling init scripts information from UbuntuBootupHowto
Make a new page (Services?) which talks about init scripts, their naming
conventions (info from InitScriptList and UbuntuBootupHowto) links to
InitScriptList as a reference to all default init scripts and links to
BUMHowto, SysvconfigHowTo and  ManualServicesHowto as howtos for
disabling/enabling services along with a warning that you will remove
functionality, and may stop Ubuntu from booting if you disable things.
Remove UbuntuBootupHowto
Place redirects accordingly

A couple of other questions:
Should I make one 'master' page and the others subpages from there?
Should I be talking about daemons or services? I can obviously point out
that they're synonyms in Services or some such but in terms of page
names one needs to be picked.

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