(mini-) howto migrate from Windows Xp to Ubuntu

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at iserv.net
Tue Aug 29 19:22:47 UTC 2006


That's great and thanks for it.  I am working w/ several people (Philbull and 
nixternal) to get a switching from window to ubuntu guide and if possible 
would like to include some of your material and obviously add your name to 
the credits.

Matt: Is there anything that needs to be done license wise to get this done?


On Monday 28 August 2006 18:00, Koen Noens wrote:
> Hey there,
> I migrated from Windows XP to Ubuntu (Dapper) some 2 weeks ago. Finally
> took the plunge, as I have been playing with Debian for quite a while,
> but exclusively for (home network) server and firewall. I didn't believe
> I could live with Linux on a desktop : too many bad experiences to get
> Xserver going on hardware I collect from 2nd hand shops and flee markets
> (configuring X with no-brand video cards or obscure chips on the
> motherboard used to be a mayor pain), and then there was my (perceived)
> dependency on Windows apps.
> Ubuntu showed me wrong on both counts. The Live CD ran effortlessly on
> this machine that was decommissioned by a previous employer of mine (and
> I happened to be around so they me me have it), and Ubuntu offers a
> nice, clean collection of all software I need. So I just went ahead and
> installed it, and I don't think I'll go back to windows (except  to test
> stuff for work, maybe)
> All this to say that I think you've done a great job, && thanks
> So, while I was at it, I took some notes on how to deal with the actual
> migration. The Ubuntu developers clearly dealt with installation and
> configuration very well, but there remains the issue of gigabytes of
> files, email, preferences, bookmarks/favorites collected during years of
> windows use. Would be hard to start from scratch or having to maintain 2
> systems (multiboot) just for that, so i thought I'd create a migration
> path. Worked out quite well, I think, so if that is not yet included in
> any of the documentation (I didn't check), and you think it's useful,
> feel free to use it .
> Free of charge - but being credited for the contribution would be nice :-)
> it's here:
> http://users.pandora.be/mydotcom/howto/linux/migration01.htm
> all the best,
> Koen Noens

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