Sec: Unclassified RE: proposal for our repository structure post-breezy

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Tue Oct 18 16:32:46 UTC 2005

On Tuesday 18 October 2005 02:49, Sean Wheller wrote:
> On Tuesday 18 October 2005 01:49, Stoffers, Robert LAC wrote:
> > I also think the current structure of our repository is a mess. I think
> > we should lay it out something like this (off the top of my head):
> The current structure is centered on the fact that all the distributions
> are build of the Ubuntu. Where those distributions change mainly is in the
> desktop. The generic area was supposed to support that and allow people to
> work in areas defined by desktop rather than distro, since the under distro
> is Ubuntu.
> As distributions grow in number it makes sense to arrange the top-level by
> distro names. However, that assumes very little content reuse between
> distros and a massive amount of duplicate data. Technically, it may be a
> wrong decision.
> When I started building kubuntu docs I built the structure in a way that
> used Ubuntu as my upstream. Even though the work was in the same
> repository. Unfortunately some people are less than sensitive to anyone or
> thing that is not working directly on Ubuntu and so Kubuntu was not able to
> benefit from an Ubuntu upstream. As a result of this and the over shadow of
> Ubuntu, I am looking to fork the current kubuntu directory and work
> elsewhere with total separation of concerns. Naturally, if we get to the
> point where we have something substantial, and other distributions wish to
> base themselves off of the Kubuntu docs we will welcome working with them
> to improve the degree of content reuse and upstream/downstream cooperation.
> I would like to see a system where distributions two or three down from
> kubuntu can give patches that will have an impact as far up as KDE docs.
> To do this I am thinking of starting with KDE docs and managing Kubuntu
> docs as a patch on KDE docs.
> So I am suggestion two things:
> 1. organization by distro folder is not necessarily the way to go if you
> want to optimize.
> 2. Ubuntu docs should perhaps scrap what is and start to build a custom
> layer on GNOME docs. Lord knows they could use the help.


I would strongly be against forking the kubuntu docs off of how we have them 
currently working. Riddell and I spent some time getting things cleaned up 
and working correctly for the docs release of Breezy, the about-kubuntu and 
also kreleasenotes.  I am already working w/ him on getting docs organized 
and straightened out for DapperDrake, please see 
which is part of a BoF for UbuntuBelowZero (

Currently the docs in /branches/breezy/kde/ are the ones that are gettinng 
packaged and setup.  Riddell has worked on getting the makefiles to build 
correctly and to get things setup. 

The goal for DapperDrake currently is to have the About Kubuntu Guide and 
Kubuntu Release notes updated for the release, the FAQGuide changed/updated 
and finish the userguide.  The work for these is currently in /trunk/kde and 
will be worked on there until we are ready for branches/dapper.

Feel free to Riddell and I as we are already started on planning Dapper Drake 

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