proposal for our repository structure post-breezy

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That is nice to hear that someone else is going to be working on Kubuntu
docs.  I am working w/ Riddell on putting together soemthing for a BOF @
UbuntuBelowZero for docs for Kubuntu.  I will not be there but there is a
possible discussion? Will have more and will also be creating the wiki page.
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> Can the gnome-doc build be used for Kubuntu-docs as well? I would love to
> these into Rosetta as well so we can get those translated as well.

Yes it can be used as well since we work in source format. I'll be
doing a lot of Kubuntu stuff for dapper definitely, so we'll think of
a plan :)

I still give my vote to work in svn as it has proven to work for us;
the problem we currently have is how the trunk is structured when it
gets branched for release, not svn itself, although moving to a
distributed system is ideal, we'll need the help of the baz people
like James Black for the transition (he volunteered to help out). For
Dapper, I'd still want to work on svn, but also grab the opportunity
to learn more about baz/baz-ng and start the transition for 6.10 (the
tools would be more mature then).

While Moin is extremely configurable with documentation work and
access control, the Ubuntu wiki is not something we have direct
control over it. When I say control, I mean ACLs and Admin rights.
It's possible with a little scripting to lock pages by a select people
but that would mean James (Troup) and/or Henrik (Omma) to cofigure the
whole Ubuntu wiki for it.

Going to the Moin route can definitely break the contributor barrier
but at the same time, goes astray to the general route of Ubuntu
development - which is distributed version control.

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