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Matthew East mdke at
Sat Nov 26 11:56:48 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-11-26 at 10:31 +0000, Matthew East wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-11-26 at 08:32 +0530, Bhuvaneswaran wrote:

> > How about considering the following documents ?

> > * Destkop Starter Guide (html)
> > * Server Starter Guide (html)
> I've thought about this: it's a good idea to include html I think, and
> in the case of the Server guide it's going to be essential. I'll work on
> getting these in the packaging too.

Actually, it seems to me that in the case of these two documents there
is a decent case of making the html documents the default in yelp. They
open a lot quicker and look better.

Before Breezy release we had a problem with shipping html because it
broke some things in the panel. But, as long as About Ubuntu is shipped
in xml (if indeed the About Ubuntu doc is going to be in the menu,
depending on whether the AboutUbuntu spec is implemented or not), it
seems to me that things will not break. We can just point the omf files
to the html, and they will appear in yelp.

Jeff, can you confirm? At most we can try this for the first upload,
early next week.

mdke at
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