server guide for kubuntu ?

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Jonathan Jesse writes: 

> The goal there is to include the document for those that would like to run
> Kubuntu as a server and if I recall correctly from the converstation during
> the meeting we would just add/subtract the GUI portion of installing
> documents.

I think one server guide is enough: the idea is for it to be completely 
desktop indepedent, so we can use the same guide (in the generic folder) for 
both ubuntu and kubuntu. 


That is a great idea.  Is the guide geared towards ubuntu-server or those that take whatever flavor of ubuntu (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu) and run it as a server.  If it is towards the later, then it can't really be too desktop agnostic.  From talking w/ Riddell what we would like is some form of guide for those that want to Kubuntu as a server.  

If we focus on ubuntu-server then we shouldn't have gui tools involved.  The disk doesn't install a desktop by default and the easiest way to install one is either apt-get install kubuntu-desktop or ubuntu-desktop and then weed out the programs you don't need.  Note I didn't say best way, but it is the easiest and I've talked w/ people on #kubuntu who have done so.


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