server guide for kubuntu ?

Bhuvaneswaran bhuvaneswaran at
Sat Nov 19 16:07:33 UTC 2005

> That is a great idea.  Is the guide geared towards ubuntu-server or those that take whatever flavor of ubuntu (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu) and run it as a server.  If it is towards the later, then it can't really be too desktop agnostic.  From talking w/ Riddell what we would like is some form of guide for those that want to Kubuntu as a server.

The primary purpose of the server guide is to assist the administrator
to install/configure various server applications. It doesn't restrict
them whether they install them using 'ubuntu-server' or on top of an
existing desktop. Anyhow, the details about various package management
software would be explained. So, the user can choose any flavour
(ubuntu, kubuntu, edubuntu) of his choice. Moreover, none of the
server applications are tied to any desktop.

IMO, we can have one server guide. If we have more than one, it may
spoil the effectiveness of the guide given the purpose of the guide.

> If we focus on ubuntu-server then we shouldn't have gui tools involved.  The disk

We don't see a purpose to involve gui tools and we haven't.

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