Wiki submission license, credits, and policy.

Jamie Jones hentai_yagi at
Wed Nov 9 04:47:12 UTC 2005

On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 17:22 +0000, Matthew East wrote:
> I'm going to read the licences and do some research on this. Given that
> I am a lawyer, it would make sense that I give some kind of view on
> this, however I don't feel comfortable doing so until I've researched a
> little.

Thank You. It would be much appreciated.

> My initial "hunch" is to agree with Corey that the presence of the
> revision history contained within the page info is sufficient to comply
> with the licence(s).
> Obviously from a practical point of view it is desirable that the wiki
> contains documentation which isn't cluttered with author attribution,
> especially given the "wiki philosophy" that everyone can edit and
> improve. If my hunch is wrong, then we'll have to think about what
> licence we want on the wiki.

FWIW when I do documentation for packages, I usually list the
documentation as covered by the GPLv2 with the text/html/whatever
document listed as both the source and code for GPL purposes. Had I not
notice the wiki had another license, I most likely would have done the
same, before sending the original document off to someone more familiar
with wikis to insert. I feel that is more in line with a community
style, then something such as the CC-SA and GFDL.

> In the meantime, thanks for your contributions, and I'm sorry that you
> feel any confusion over the licensing situation is preventing you from
> contributing further!

A delay of a few days isn't likely to hurt. I wish to be fully aware
before contributing of the conditions I am contributing under. When not
expecting the credits to be removed, it is a shock to see them gone. Had
I been aware in advance, it's a non-issue. I hope you understand my

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